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Pics of C64 "celebs"

Yes my friends, the Commodore scene boasts some very strange people indeed, each on with their own particular 'slant' on life. Here is just a very small sample of some of the people that inhabit this world.

Oh, and I may have altered some of the pictures, just a little bit ;)

Fester picks up his pay

Lord Beard of Château De Eidos

Vinny Mainolfi. Mmmmmm :)

Here's a picture of the proprietor of Binary Zone PD & Commodore Zone magazine, Jason 'Kenz' MacKenzie showing his subtle technique of chatting up the ladies. Note the dark glasses to hide his true identity, but then gives away a slight clue with the headgear!

Yet another picture of Kenz, showing us all that he can scrub up quite well when he really tries to impress ;)

Simon Reece (that's 'jj' to you, punk!) in a picture which I have to admit is quite old now. Having seen more recent pictures of JJ, I have to say that he looks a lot less like a raving psychopath, and if you converse with him regularly as I do, you'll find he's quite a normal type of person really ;)

A Rare photo of Mike Berry AKA Kernal, deep in thought and obviously having quite a nasty reaction to the radiation being emitted from his monitor ;)

Frank Gasking, part-time C64 programmer, full time super agent come stud, shows off his chat-up techniques to great effect :)

Jason Kelk & Jason MacKenzie, discussing the finer points of fanzine editing. Note the way that Mr. Kelk helps Kenz hear the full effect of the latest CZone covermount music :)

Showing that not only does he appreciate the subtle plot lines of The Magic Roundabout, Jason "TMR" Kelk fills in for Rainbow's Bungle on his day off.

If any C64 sceners would like to send in a picture to be fiddled with and added to these pages then please contact me at the usual address.