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So you think you know your '64 stuff inside out? You're a top game expert, make no mistakes buddy! Well checkout the tests below and lets see just how good you really are! There are no prizes for guessing the game titles below, only the glory of showing off in front of your peers! The first correct answer/s emailed to me will have his/her name - along with the answers - displayed here when a new set of puzzles is presented.


Identify the instructions

I've typed-out snippets from some well known games' instruction manuals/leaflets/inserts. Can you identify the game? The original text has NOT been altered in any way to confuse you, but I may delete certain words if it gives the game away. If I have to delete a word, it will appear as [deleted].

Game 1
When you arrive at a site of a disturbance, direct you first [deleted] towards the centre of a building. Press fire to lay a [deleted], then guide him to the left of the screen and turn him towards the [deleted].
Game 2
The player should manoeuvre the [deleted] from the top of each course to the bottom. There are thirty screen to negotiate in order to successfully complete the game. Five type of obstacles stand in the way of your progress. Steep slopes, slippery grass, directional magnets, aliens and narrow edges.
Game 3
Super fit and desperate for freedom. [deleted] makes his daring escape from Scudmore Prison. Hounded by the bastions of law and order, our frightened hero finds refuge with the criminal underworld who offer him his chance to breath fresh air and bask in the sunlight once again.
Game 4
Both compelling and addictive [deleted] [deleted] is one of the most outstanding [deleted] [deleted] games yet devised. The action is intense as you travel across 5 colourful locations, to combat 10 of the toughest and meanest adversaries you'll ever meet.
Game 5
Reports indicate that the [deleted] crew of a galactic space freighter has turned against their masters. A [deleted] "Influence Device" has been beamed aboard to help you regain control of the situation.
Game 6
You begin your search for the wizard at the entrance to his fortress. This chamber, and each chamber here, is sealed off from the other rooms. The only way to get from one room to the adjoining room is to jump up and take the [deleted] which hang from the ceiling. When you get all the [deleted] (or at least certain [deleted]) for that room, the door opens.
Game 7
[deleted][deleted] is a multi-screen action game which requires different skills and provides new sequences as you progress through the game. You will encounter secret passages, squadrons of enemy planes, shelling from enemy ships, an almost impenetrable enemy held beach and a fortress with a huge cannon that never misses! If you feel you are up to the challenge.
Game 8
TREATS: Scattered throughout the mine are many of Nuclear Ned's wordly possessions that he had acquired over the years. All of them absorbed a minute level of radioactivity. As [deleted] [deleted] collects these items the low-level radioactivity enters his body. This makes him immune to the harmful effects of the mutants for a short span of time. Additionally during this period the mutants sense this and turn into a pleasant form in the hope that [delete] [delete] will ignore them.
Game 9
The only one who wasn't caught was [deleted] [deleted], a tanked up little [deleted] already throwing up in the bushes. The next morning [deleted] woke up with a splitting headache and breath so bad it could scorch a tree at six paces. Nevertheless, our courageous little hero vowed to destroy the Demons and rescue his fellow [deleted].
Game 10
Your [deleted] class Space Fighter will be transported to each planet in turn and it is your task to destroy each [deleted]. First you must attack the defensive screen of enemy fighters, then you must neutralise the majority of surface defences before you land on the [deleted] [deleted] [deleted] [deleted].
Update: Paul Stewart is closest so far with 8out of 10 correct. Email your answers to the usual address



Never a Cross Word

Most people like crossword puzzles. I do, but I'm too lazy to put a proper one up here. Let's see if you can identify the games from the crossword clues below:

Willy was this (5,5)
Ocean drew two lines together with this (8)
Apex was full of these (9)
Tony's jelly-like friend (7,7)
A gardening soldier may wear one of these (5,5)
What happens when you you die (4,4)
A teacher may give you this (4)
Stuck in a fridge (7)
A pot of gold to be found here (7,7)
Set it, to catch Crowther (4)
A bit like a hurricane (7)
The mother of Jeff's friends (4,5)
Rock stars are always doing this (5,2)
If you roller-skate to quickly (4,4,4)
Humpty Dumpty (7,3)
I'll pay you to fight my war (9)
Guarding the Queens stuff! (8,2,3,5)
Arnold S. wants his daughter back! (8)
Sealed in a cave forever (8)
A funny place to make bread (5,6)
Bilbo was this (6)
12'Oclock and I'm holding out! (8,10)

Update: RoyFielding (17/22) & Phil Green (15/22) are the only ones close!



Spot the Sprite

Can you identify the games from which these sprites come from? All the sprites are the main character sprites. There are no enemy or other type sprites to confuse you (not for now anyway!). OK. Try your luck.......



Spot the SID

For the full(!) multimedia quiz experience, why not try downloading the .WAV file below and try to identify the small snippets of famous C64 tunes.

The files are zipped-up standard .WAV format files which 99% of all Windows based machines should be able to play.


Update: Paul Fielding is 2 away from completion!



Chop Chop!

Can you identify these 6 games?

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5

Game 6

Update: Only game No.1 is stopping this from being solved... STILL!



Strip for you!

I've sliced portions of well known games into strips and mixed them together. Your job is to tell me the names of all the games featured in the shot below, in the right order, top to bottom. Watch out, there are a couple of games which at first sight may fool you. I must stress that NONE of the images below have been 'doctored' in any way. All I have done is cut out selected portions from C64 games and stacked them together. All told there are 39 different games below; some easy, some hard. I think this is the hardest test on this page, but maybe you'll prove me wrong! Ok, try THIS one out for size....

Update: Still VERY nearly there. One person is still only 1 correct answer away!

So what are you all waiting for? Email me with your answers!