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Computer & Video Games Magazine

Computer & Video Games magazine was one of the first ever monthly multi-format computer leisure magazines. C&VG is still on sale today, which is a testiment to it's excellence when you consider how many relatively new computer leisure magazines have bitten the dust. It's gone through quite a few changes since its early days though, and has sadly lost some of its 'old fashioned' design in order to appeal to a younger, more modern audience. Whereas in the early days, the average age of a C&VG user would be aroung 18-20, today it's more like 12-16.

On these pages you will find high resolution scans of EVERY single page of the VERY rare issue one, which was first published way back in November 1981. At the time of writing, this makes this magazine over 19 years old!

In order to present you with half decent images, I've had to completely take apart a rare No.1 issue to sit it in my scanner properly! Now, my copy is in perfect condition, and I aint about to mess about with it! Thankfully, help is at hand from my good friend Pete Lord, who also has a No.1 issue. As his issue is in a bit of a state (it's falling to pieces!) he graciously granted me permission to strip his mag down, so apologies in advance for any dodgy looking pages.... three cheers for Pete :)

OK, as ever, there is the inevitable tradeoff between a great looking scan and the filesize. All the following scans will appear at a screen resolution of 800 x1100 pixels and varying degrees of compression, depending on the detail in the scan. Ideally, to represent some of the very small text clearly, I would have liked to present the pictures at around 1000 pixels wide, but sadly this would have made the filesizes too big for comfort.

The files range from a small 61K to a large160K. Apologies again for the large filesize, but if I compress them any more, the text will become unreadable.

When you enter the next pages, you'll see small thumbnails of the various pages. Just click on a thumbnail to view the full size image.

Right, let's go!

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