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Welcome to the Compunet COBWEB pages, hosted by me, Mike Berry (Compunet ID: Kernal). I hope all you old users will enjoy this one :)
Creaky old Compunet users can find solace in the fact that certain sad users such as me, still like to keep the memories (mostly good) of Compunet alive. Among other things, below you will find profiles of ex-Compunet users, and what we've all been up to since its demise in 1991/2. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to be added to the list; the details I need will become obvious once you read a few of the entries below. I really would appreciate ex users contacting me, and please, if possible, provide a photo.


What the hell is this COMPUNET thing anyway?

Compunet User Guide Part 1 (166k)
Compunet User Guide Part 2 (209k)


Click on a name to view a profile:


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Links to various Compunet related articles:

"Caught in the net" - A Popular Computing Weekly article.
"Cnet-Moving with the times" - 1991 JAM magazine article.

Checkout some PHOTOS of various Compunet 'personalities'.