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On these pages you'll find reviews of readers favourite Commodore 64 games. All the reviews below have been written by enthusiasts and game lovers alike. Of course, not being a demanding editor(!) you'll find a few different review styles. This, in my opinion is a good thing, and should stop you lot from getting bored. I will try as much as possible to keep the authors original text untouched, but I may have to change formatting, headings etc. but the main body of the review should remain untouched. As for game marks, well I'll leave that up to the individual reviewer. There isn't any one marks system that works well. In the interests of clarity or additional information, I may add a comment to any reviews. Any of my comments will appear as yellow text in squared brackets [like this].
A note to new readers: Most of the games reviewed here are available for download on my BEST EVER page. I would very much welcome more review submissions, and it doesn't matter if the game has already been reviewed on these pages, the more differing opinions the better. I'm not just after reviews of games you love, if there's a game which you think deserves a real good slagging off then let's hear from you (not stuff like "Mama Llama is crap" or something like that). You can send in your reviews in most text formats. Don't worry about layout, pictures etc. I'll sort that all out for you.

Reviewed By Jason MacKenzie


Reviewed by Rob Caporetto


Metal Gear
Reviewed by Rob Caporetto


Raid Over Moscow
Reviewed by Rob Caporetto


Ghosts & Goblins
Reviewed by Vincenzo Mainolfi


Reviewed by Rob Caporetto


Reviewed by Jason Kelk


Reviewed by Frank Gasking


Pitstop 2
Reviewed by


Star Control
Reviewed by Rob Caporetto


Reviewed by Rob Caporetto


Reviewed by Shane Mussell


Reviewed by Benn Hayes


Please feel free to send in your won reviews!