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Welcome people, to some of the oldest and most favorite demos ever.

Don't go any further if you're expecting to see awesome displays of coding abilities, or yet more Plasma & FLI effects, cos these demos are from the early pioneers. They laid the groundwork for the demo writers of today and they didn't have the advantage of adapting already 'invented' routines and ideas which are the bread & butter of todays mega demos.

No doubt some of you will have a little chuckle to yourselves when you see some of the demos here, but this 'archive' isn't for the best, it's to keep the flame burning for demos writers of the past, and I for one very much miss most of those old coders :)

Just about every demo you're going to see here is well over 10 years old, and the bulk of them were created specifically to upload onto the Compunet network.

It's probably best to warn some visitors that some of the demos may contain the odd 4 letter word, although you'd be hard pushed to find one, there are a couple (unlike today, when you're hard pushed to find ones without!).

Anyway, what are we waiting for? Let's get straight down to business..

Press to visit the demo museum!